Drills for Passing the Football


As everyone knows, football is a team sport. Passing the ball among the team members is one of the fundamental features of this beloved game. Football players can never be successful if they do not know how to pass the ball. At first glance, this skill seems simple, but in reality it is something like an art. Knowing where one’s teammates are and landing the ball at a desired position is tricky and requires tons of practice to perfect. And this is why most football trainers and coaches have created fun games and drills that will help improve the passing skills of football players. The BBC are always updating their website with new skills, tips and tricks from managers and coaches around the world so check that site out regularly in order to learn new techniques using football drills.

Keep Your Yard Cleangrass-cutting-1024x516

The first game that helps improve a player’s passing skills is known as “Keep Your Yard Clean.” This drill teaches players to pass the ball as quickly as possible. The game is set up by creating two 40×40 “yards” in which two opposing teams, of whatever number, are positioned. The primary goal for the two teams is to pass the footballs into the opposing team’s “yard.” However, the passes are dictated by the coach. So if the coach only allows passes made with the left foot, then the teams must follow suit. In the end, the team with the least amount of footballs in their “yard” wins.

Tug of Wartug-of-war-team

The next drill is known as “Tug of War.” This game was created in order to test the football player’s accuracy and power. Cones are positioned on opposite sides of the field, designating the areas of the opposing teams. In the middle of the field is a colored football. The goal of the game is to push the colored football to the opposing team’s area by striking their given football to hit the colored one. The catch is that one can only direct their football through the positioned cones. This game helps players learn the push pass, one of the most fundamental and important passing skills in the game.

Chip Pass to Target Playerusa-today-8260227.0

The “Chip Pass to Target Player” drill is a little bit more difficult than the other games. This drill was made in order teach players the fundamentals of the chip pass, a very tricky passing skill. Two teams place one of their players inside a 10×10 box on opposite sides of the field. The other players battle for the ball in the hopes of achieving the goal of the game, which is to make a successful chip pass to their teammate inside the box. YouTube is a great way to learn these games so do a search on there to see if you can find them and others.

The Bank GameP1190038

“The Bank Game” is a drill that enables players to improve their passing skills while under pressure. In a small area, a team of four players has to make four successful passes to each other while a defender tries to disrupt their passes. It’s a good incentive to put some cash into the drills. If they are able to make four successful passes, then they “earn” $100. The game progresses as the area becomes smaller for the team and more defenders are thrown at them. They can then “bank” their earnings by changing sides with the opposing team. This drill, like the others, not only builds the football skills of players, but it is also a great way to have fun.