Sports That Help Improve Your Mood And Fight Depression


Most people, on realizing they are suffering from anxiety, seek medical aid from therapists. They often try to find , without looking for a more natural way to combat this affliction. Others try to regulate on diet so as to cut back on fatty foods that may cause obesity and anxiety. In the long run, alcohol intake, yogurt and drinks that contain acids so as not to interfere with the body’s alkaline environment and magnesium and finally reduce caffeine intake without at any time thinking ofsport as a perfect remedy for anxiety, mood and depression.

As you can probably tell by the opening paragraph, today’s post is going to be about how football and sport an help to alleviate bad feelings of depression and improve one’s mood.

Compared to medication, sporting is more powerful as it also improves the overall health of the body and is cheaper since the only expense to incur is of the sporting gear. Daily exercising guarantees you improved mood and reduced depression. According to research, it leads to desired free life in the long run.

Inactivity vs. mood and depression

Research has for a long time now linked lack of physical activity to depression, though not distinctly clear, the following tries to explain the reason behind this.

  • High level of stress hormones; when stress and depression creeps in, the body responds 69e62e80-443c-4a75-8ee6-f0b87130b919by production of stress hormones called cortisol. Research indicates that body movement is essential in depleting cortisol bringing it down to required level thus improving on mood and depression
  • More unused energy; bodies were created to move. If you deny your body movement, the accumulated unused energy creates physical tension and ultimately mental tension thus affecting your mood.
  • Poor immune system; sporting is essential for maintaining body hormonal balance resulting to an improved immune system. imbalance of hormones due to inactivity can cause mood swings and at times depression

Sporting vs. mood and depressiongrant_a_paille_sl_64011

It is important to note that, not being physically active doesn’t not result to depression and mood changes to everyone. Sometimes it is because of life uncertainties and hopelessness. Sporting only helps in managing it as below

  • Relaxation neurotransmitters; sporting has similar effects to medication in depression management. It triggers the release of natural pain killers-endorphin in the brain so as to prevent pain from exercising but they also play a big role in the regulation of mood and mind relaxation
  • Breakdown of cortisol; cortisol is a stress hormone produced when one is stressed or depressed. Sporting activities have been found to break down cortisol preventing further depression symptoms.
  • Reduced inactivity; inactive bodies have more build up energy that causes tension. Sporting protects the body from both physical and mental tension. It also reduces the fact that inactivity related depression affects you.
  • Healthy way of life; sporting is a healthy way to spend free time as it improves on overall health apart from prevention of depression.
  • Improved sleep; people suffering from depression hardly sleep. Sporting tires one’s body making it easier to fall asleep. Sleep is essential in depression management and therefore completely valuable for sporting to improve sleep.

Apart from the above, sporting also improves on confidence and makes the body to be more efficient.

Breaking into sportingScreen-Shot-2016-02-22-at-193919

When starting, you need to introduce your body slowly by simply getting out and moving. The body needs to get used to exertion and breathing for a few days as you make those gradual improvements.
Consider the following simple exercises

  • Stretching; essential in ensuring the muscles do not freeze hence no physical or mental tension build up responsible for mood and depression
  • Biking; quite relaxing and one of the best forms of exercising. Instead of using your car for that short distance, try biking experience
  • Walking; walking is a simple yet a good form of exercising since it enables body movements and occupies the mind
  • Playing relaxed sport; examples include; badminton, bowling, baseball and even dancing among others. They are all essential for improved blood flow and reduced depression symptoms.

When your body is ready and is used to exertion, employ a bit more intensive sporting as below

  • Swimming; a bit intense compared to walking due to water resistance that will work out muscles
  • Light jogging; improves on blood circulation and enables the body to get rid of wastes via sweat. it also leads to production of endorphin, hormones responsible for depression and mood control
  • Joining a team; it improves on morale and offers competition for a bit more intensive sportingquidditch-intermurals

The above were initial stages of preparation to intensive sporting. Before engaging on any intensive exercising programme, it is vital to talk to your doctor about it for guidance and advice. The following are some sports that will help in improving your mood and at the same time fight depression

  • Yoga; provides a good mix of mental and physical exercising. It is considered to be a natural way of fighting depression and a good way to calm the mind. The good thing is that, yoga doesn’t involve the use of expensive equipment, all you need is a mat and free you tube videos for guidance. Yoga trains one to focus and have a relaxed mind which is a vital ingredient in curing depressionBN-KK318_boxing_G_20150921153643
  • Boxing; with boxing, you only need a pair of gloves and contact pads. Sometimes a punching bag for practise is essential. These are all easily obtained hence only little amount of money is required. Basic boxing drills can be easily accessed in you tube. On mastering the basics, involve yourself in simple competitions to boost your confidence and improve on mood.
  • Kayaking; a good work out that leaves one with a happy and relaxed feeling. The natural water sounds are also soothing. When kayaking, try to synch your paddle strokes with your breath to for that additional exercising dimension. It is also vital for mind relaxation as it is likened to meditation.
  • Running; the only equipment needed here is a pair of sport shoes. Check in the internet for free training modes and try practising them. When running, it is essential to keep focus on your breath as this automatically calms the mind. Running also initiates the release of endorphins which is essential for the body.
  • Hiking; it places one in the middle of nature lifting the feelings of depression. With only mountaineering boots required, walking in a forest with sounds of chirping birds and enjoying mountain views and eventually relaxing by the riverside has never been so relaxing. It is a sport yet one of the best ways of outdoor relaxation.
  • Gym; the gym offers variety of exercises to indulge in that can manage mood and depression. A gym instructor guides through mild, moderate and finally intense workouts that improve the general health of the body.

Mood and depression management via sporting will only be a success if one is committed and follows a well prepared timetable of sporting activities to be involved in. cure depression by fighting inactivity.…