How to be a Good Striker in Football

4 Tips to Remember


There are several roles that any play can take in a football match. One of the most important, and constantly glorified, positions would have to be the striker. If you aspire to be a good striker, it would be important to remember that all eyes would be on you when the ball is yours. Assuming that you already mastered the basics of football, below are several tips to let you fine-tune your striking skills and become a premier striker in your team.


1. Improve Your Movementmaxresdefault

A striker needs to be on his toes throughout the entire game. This means that you must improve on your agility, strength and speed. It is critical that strikers keep on the move throughout the game. If you are any slower, defenders can quickly read you and prevent you from scoring a point.

To make mobility your advantage, try mastering how to circle around defenders before making a break for it once you’re clear. When your movement has improved, you can easily get past through the toughest defenses in a game.

2. Master “The Touch”r0_72_1772_1068_w1200_h678_fmax

The “Touch” is simply your ability to feel the ball and control it. As a striker, it is a must that you have creative ball control skills so you can work around even the most aggressive defenders out there. To improve your control over a ball, try kicking one repeatedly on a wall. This will give you an idea of how the ball feels on your feel and can make you understand how to control it best. With practice, you can quickly dictate the flow of the game with a few touches.

3. Aim and FireGettyImages-511752_2704095a

Shooting is a striker’s number one skill and the act of shooting a ball through the goal will take practice. You would be surprised how many strikers out there tend to lose their control over the ball when the time has come for them to shoot it. Learn the proper shooting positions to maintain your balance and use the inside parts of your feet to control the ball’s trajectory.

If you are near the goal, learn how to keep the knees of your kicking leg bent over the ball and not lean back to avoid shooting the ball over the goal. Keep your eyes at the ball to properly aim it. Also, do not focus only on flashy kicking techniques. Curling free kicks and top corner shots may look attractive but experienced strikers know that delivering a powerful, low-drive kick will have better chances of hitting the goal.

4. Work with Your Team

Keep in mind that Football is never a solitary affair. Neglecting the strengths and weaknesses of the defenders and midfielders has caused many strikers a chance to get through the opposing team’s defenses and earn a point. Learn where your teammates are good at and have your skills complement theirs. With proper team dynamics, they can open a space for you to go through the opposing team, strike through and win the game.