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Supplement Football Fitness with Other Fitness

So, for those of you who would like to know more about how to stay in shape and improve your athletic ability this season, this is the post that you want to be reading. And if you have got this far it means that you are doing just that, so continue…

Long gone are the days where sports coaches and players thought it sufficient to just play football and train football in order to improve and maintain fitness for the beautiful game. Nowadays everyone relaises that you have to have a diverse fitness regime in order to be at your best at all times on the pitch.

Types of Training

In a football game most players will need the ability to sprint over short distances followed by recovery periods. This is very similar to interval training, so this is one aspect of fitness which needs to be worked on during training sessions. Another aspect is that of overall stamina. In order to sustain running for 90 minutes it requires quite a lot of stamina, and most importantly the ability to recover very quickly between sprints.

Anyway, I wanted to recommend a training camp that I recently went on over in Thailand. The guys down at Titan Fitness are a great crowd and will easily help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. They’re all a bunch of proper personal trainers who did their training courses with Discovery Learning in London. For me, they designed me a specific training program for football so that I could improve my athletic ability on the pitch. The camp is down in Phuket and is very easy to get to. They also have a gym there, so you can easily do a normal workout in addition to the classes that they run.

If you think about a game of football you will often see players sprinting to attack or get back and defend then have some time to recover and walk around a little bit.

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