Whilst rugby union generally hogs the limelight as Wales’s favourite sport, football is certainly giving it a run for its money. The Welsh football leagues pale in comparison to the multi-million heavyweights of the English, Spanish and German divisions, although masses of supporters still turn up week after week to enjoy or endure their club’s endeavours. The following articles delve into the fascinating world of Welsh football, offering a glimpse into the nation’s rich history, current standing and future prospects.

Firm Foundations

The first section details the origins of Welsh football, both at local and international level, from the Dragons’ first ever match against Scotland to their recent success in the European Championships. The articles are split into three: General History of Welsh Football, the History of the Welsh Leagues and the History of the National Team.

Famous Welsh Clubs

The second division includes two items showcasing the country’s most famous football squads. With the only club currently playing alongside the English Premier League elite, Swansea City are awarded their own segment, with the second article providing an insight into the nation’s remaining hotshots, which include the original Welsh team and birthplace of Welsh football, Wrexham.

National Pride of The Dragons

The final two articles discuss the trials and triumphs of Wales’s national teams, both the men’s and the women’s. Whilst neither squad have elicited much cheer in the past few decades, both teams are showing progress in recent years, granting plenty of hope for Welsh fans for the future.